artist : Ryan Pickart

ryan pickart's color palette is both subtle & soothing, which means at first glance you might not notice the awkward positioning of each flat arm or shoulder. This is what gets me excited about his paintings. these portraits appear as though they have moved and shifted inside the frame of the painting as it dried... giving them the big-to-small, small-to-big, flat bodies we now see. pickart paints portraits of his friends which perhaps gives him the ability to see their personas' in way we (as the audience) can't. as david hockney has said time and again, "photography will never equal painting!" what he means is that photography will show us the actuality of a person while a painting can focus on capturing the feeling of a person (as represented by the artist). we can't always see the inner-self of a person unless presented in the loving eyes of someone else. and perhaps, even better if shown though the vision of a unique artist like pickart.

+ Ryan Pickart